$ 720

TORPEDRO – This is Your new best friend in a super weak day in the ocean, this board will allow you to ride almost non-existent waves, but however can withstand quite a good the size of the swell.

Surfboard, designed by Peter Tyushkevich, has a kind of tail the so-called TITTY Tail, which allows you to gain more speed in the flat sections, and improves control during transitions from one rail to another.

The front and rear decks are made of Eco-Friendly material - Bamboo. Carbon fiber rails form an additional strength of the entire structure of the surfboard.

TORPEDRO assumes four fins, but for fans of classics we made mortgage loans under Single Fin, as on the boards of the old model.

Comes complete with fins.



  • EPS Foam (26 kg/m3);
  • Three-layer wooden stringer (5mm);
  • Double layer fiberglass (6 oz);
  • Fiberglass "on deck" and additional fiberglass (6 oz) in the leg area;
  • Two layers fiberglass (6 + 4 oz) and fiberglass reinforcement (6 oz) in the finbox area;
  • The deck is laminated with 4 layers of bamboo / epoxy resin
  • Rails carbon fiber (Carbon)



  • Height - 6'2
  • Width - 23.30
  • Thickness - 2.90
  • Volume - 47.3